For Paul Griffiths, supporting community is both a personal and professional mission. That’s why Vesta Asset Management, his property management company, focuses on people first. It’s also why he serves on the board of LYRIC, a Bay Area nonprofit that supports LGBTQQ+ youth to thrive. When he first came to First Republic to open savings accounts for his children, he found that the Bank’s people-first philosophy matched his own. Having a dedicated banker for his financial needs helped him grow Vesta into the successful business it is today. Paul continues to expand his business with the backing of a bank that can balance goals with core values.

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– First Republic

We’ve worked with Paul and his company for more than a year to manager our single family home in San Francisco. From the moment we met Paul and started working with him and his team, they continued to be terrific all around: They’re friendly and warm, knowledgeable, excellent at communicating via phone & email, and extremely patient and helpful in terms of answering questions and addressing concerns. It can be difficult to find a good property manager; we interviewed several before choosing Paul, who was the obvious choice right away and continues to be the obvious choice.

– Steven L, (Owner)

I have lived in a building which came under Vesta’s management about five years ago. They have always responded very quickly to any issue that has come up and any repairs needed, including replacing a hot water heater. They have a very clear and easy to use website as well. The people I’ve dealt with from the company have always been friendly and helpful.

– John F, (Tenant)

We’ve worked with a number of property management companies and Vesta is one of the best. Very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. We brought in Paul and his team in the middle of a tense situation that involved damage to our rental unit and managing a difficult relationship with a tenant and they handled everything from start to finish with very little involvement from us, which is exactly what we needed at the time. They are very no nonsense and direct, and get things done quickly and efficiently, which I appreciated especially when they were managing the repairs to our unit. In my opinion, you can’t really judge a property management company until something goes wrong and in our case, Paul, Jake, and the whole team were there to act on our behalf and deal with the day to day issues, which put us at ease.

As an aside, we really like their online system and the way they present the financials – it made preparing our tax returns much easier. Highly recommend!

– Grace C. (Owner)

I am constantly impressed with Vesta Asset Management’s professionalism and work ethic. Not only is the company very responsive to all requests, but they also are extremely professional, knowledgeable and can solve just about any issue. If you have one or more properties, I strongly suggest using Vesta to manage your property. It will be in great hands.

— Alex B. (Owner)

Vesta / Paul managed my rental in SF for a year. Paul is responsive and fair in dealing with tenants. We had an accounting issue early on related to a utility charge that was supposed to be paid by the landlord. I pointed out the discrepancy and the lease terms and they immediately removed the charge from the ledger. Every maintenance request was dealt with properly and quickly. Moving out was easy and they were up front about charges related to cleaning etc. Paypal added incorrect fees to the return of my security deposit and Paul worked hard to resolve the issue in my favor. They are quick to respond to rental reference requests as well.

– Sean N. (Tenant)

I have worked with Paul at Vesta Asset Management and I could not be happier. They are very professional and took control of my project with little to no guidance from me. I strongly recommend Vesta for any property management needs.

– Gigi D. (Owner)

We are tenants in a property managed by Vesta Asset Management. We have been very impressed by Paul and his team’s very quick response to any issues we’ve had over the short time that we have started to live in the property. Paul and his team are extremely quick to respond and they have a very high quality group of hand picked contractors that they send out to help when we’ve had issues. Speaking from my personal experience here — it’s not usual for a tenant to get this quick of a response and resolutions from a landlord or property manager in San Francisco, so we have been pleasantly surprised. Thanks Paul and team! Highly recommended to other tenants and property owners looking for property management help.

– K. F. (Tenant)

Paul is a dream come true!!!!!! So here’s the story: I am a real estate agent in the San Francisco Bay Area who occasionally sells investment properties to clients. I recently sold a 5-unit mixed-use building and a 5-unit residential building to the same out-of-town client who needed a management company. I didn’t have a good resource to refer & the client found a management company through an internet search who attracted clients by undercutting management fees. Classic case of “you get what you pay for!” I warned my clients after having met the manager myself, but the clients moved ahead with the incompetent company. I won’t go into the details of how the moron manager initially told my clients I had sold them one “inhabitable” building – in fact, it was newly remodeled! Two years into the ownership, my clients contacted me as the buildings had high vacancy rates, were in disrepair, and the commercial tenant wanted to sublet against the terms of their lease. I was horrified at just how badly the incompetents had mismanaged the buildings – PAUL TO THE RESCUE!! By this time, I had met Paul, referred Paul to them and the rest is history! Paul, expertly helped manage the re-leasing of the commercial space that was in turmoil, filled all the vacancies with incredible speed, imaginatively actually created MORE SPACE to lease and HAS INCREASED CASH 10x! The clients are thrilled, needless to say. The adjectives everyone else is using: “highly competent, deeply committed, ethical, honest, outstanding professionalism, trustworthy, hardworking, responsive, knowledgeable, consummate professional, forward thinking” don’t even begin to describe Paul’s over-the-top service. Paul’s attributes both as a person and a professional are beyond hyperbole!

– Paula M. (Agent)

Total professional. Always clear, complete and concise when defining and articulating a job or task. His knowledge of real estate, construction, and the overall market are astounding. On top of all that he is a lovely and personal individual. I have referred him to neighbors and colleagues with out any second thoughts.

– Tim J. (Owner)

We’ve been renting an apartment managed by Vesta for almost a year now and it has been has been a great experience. The day before Thanksgiving we discovered that the water heater had started to leak onto the basement floor. Although I knew this was more of an emergency situation I filled out the online form to submit a claim. Paul emailed me back about an hour later! He pulled some major strings and we were able to get the water-heater replaced the same evening! Super prompt and professional.

– Mikey P. (Tenant)

Paul is not only highly competent but exceedingly knowledgeable about real estate in SF. They are also dedicated and more than willing to handle any issue that arises for his clients, no matter how seemingly small. He’s deeply committed to serving the community at large. His upstanding personal ethics guide his outstanding professionalism. Use Vesta for your property management and experience the difference.

– Randi K. (Owner)

When the management of my apartment went from private to Vesta, I had concerns that my interactions with his company would be cold and my questions would not be answered in a timely manner; fortunately that has not been the case with Paul. He has put me at ease and has responded to my many questions promptly and kindly. I look forward to my interactions with Paul.

– Sharman O. (Tenant)

I am a real estate and estate planning attorney. As such, I have worked with a lot of property managers and leasing agents, and I have to say that Paul and Vesta Management are the best. Paul and his staff are trustworthy, hardworking, and are able to handle even the most complex situations for their clients. I highly recommend using Vesta management for your leasing and property management needs.

– Mark B. (Attorney)

My husband and I use Vesta to manage a rental property in the city and we couldn’t be happier with their service. Vesta is a ‘right size’ agency for us to work with, as our single small unit would be lost/uncared for by a larger firm. We recently moved out of the Bay Area and were worried about trying to manage a property from afar. Paul takes care of everything, so much so that we barely need to think about the unit anymore. They are incredibly easy to work with, proactive, and thoughtful, for both owners and tenants. I highly recommend Vesta if you’re looking for a property manager.

– Chris S.

Paul is simply the best property manager I’ve ever had! He is really responsive and professional yet also balances this with a warmth that makes you feel that he truly cares about the people living in the properties. For example, whenever there is a change in building facilities / procedures, he always notifies the residents immediately. If there’s a problem, he’ll notify us and then tell us how he’s already gone and fixed it. They gives me peace of mind when it comes to my home. I’d recommend him to anyone, thanks Paul!

– Shelley T.

I’m not sure what else I can say about Paul that has not already been said in these previous reviews. They are definitely not exaggerating in their praise. We live quite a distance from the city, so I need someone local our tenants can call for help. A few years ago I was using a different property management company. I had no previous experience with prop mgmt, so I assumed having to call and email often to make sure things were taken care of was normal. It was frustrating. We finally reached the straw that broke the camel’s back. Enter Paul. He’s been great. Not only does he stay on top of things, he’s willing to work with us to get the right contractor for the job. He’s gone above and beyond, making sure I understand what’s happening and why. He’s even taken the time to customize reports specifically for me! So wow.

– Lee B. (Owner)